HSML has a China practice team which is uniquely positioned to help companies in registering and enforcing their IP in China, as well as in doing business in China, whether entering into OEM or contract manufacturing, distribution, investment, and other business agreements and ventures with companies in China. For over 25 years, the firm has assisted U.S. businesses in registering their patent and other IP rights in China, as well as applying for, prosecuting and protecting the IP rights of Chinese clients seeking protection in the United States.

HSML’s professionals have been traveling to China since the 1970s, and have established extensive networks of professional and personal relationships over the years. Almost 20% of the firm’s staff, including several professionals, learned Mandarin Chinese as a first language, which facilitates client communication and the efficient use of resources in solving our clients’ problems. Members of our China Team travel to China on a regular basis, and even from the U.S. will often communicate with our Chinese clients and counterparts during the Chinese business day (evenings or nights in the U.S.).

The firm has conducted a week-long Patent Law and Practice Symposium for the past several years, focused on training Chinese patent professionals in U.S. patent application and prosecution principles. Classes in this symposium are presented in a bi-lingual format to ensure that the learning is communicated effectively. In addition, professionals from the firm will often deliver presentations to Chinese firms, companies and organizations regarding developments in U.S. intellectual property law.